The T-99 is a Russian fourth-generation Main Battle Tank.

A Russian T-99

Used by

Military of the Russian Federation


  • 125mm or 152mm Main Gun
  • co-axil 7.62x54mm PKMT
  • Kord 12.7mm HMG
  • Co-axil Flamethrower (optional)
  • Duel 30mm AA Guns (optional)
  • Thermobaric ATGM Pods (optional)

Overview Edit

The T-99 is the newest tank in service with the Russian Militay. The funding for this beast came when Russia became the world's largest producer of oil and gas. The T-99 is the most heavily armored tank in the world, and the default armor can be strengthened when outfitted with Kontakt ERA and the "Shtora" (Blind) Electronic countermeausure, as well as the "Arena" active defense system system. The T-99 is also very heavily armed, being fitted with either the older 125mm main gun with a thermal sleeve for improved muzzle velocity, while most mount the devestating 152mm main gun. Both weapons can fire armor-piercing sabot shells. The T-99 is also armed with a co-axil PKMT, and a Kord HMG ontop of the turret for the commander, who can also designate targets. The capabilities of the tank have been further upgraded with Flamethrowers, Thermobaric AT Missile pods, and/or 30mm AA Guns/autocannons. Many T-99 have also been outfitted with plows for clearing minefields and upgraded autoloaders for the main gun. The T-99 is powered by a 1,375 HP Diesel Engine.

Warfare of Annihilation: Modern Combat Edit

Ingame, the T-99 is the Russian Armed Forces most heavily armored and armed tank. Its main gun is capable of destroying many of the other tanks with a single shot. It has heavy enough armor to withstand a lot of damage, but the T-99 is very slow and unmanuverable compared to other tanks.

Warefare of Annihilation: Clobal Conquest Edit

The T-99 MBT appears being used by the Russian Army and Spetsnaz factions. It starts out armed with a 125mm main gun, but can later upgrade to the (much) more powerful 152mm gun. The T-99 can further be upgraded with missiles, 30mm AA-Guns, and flamethrowers, along with extra armor, better targetting systems, an autoloader, and varrious other upgrades.

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