The US Army's Styker MGS.

The Stryker is an APC/IFV produced in the United States of America.

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame the Stryker appears being used by the US Army. It features fairly resiliant armor, and is capable of achieving fairly high speeds on paved roads. The Stryker can carry five passengers, plus a driver and a gunner. The Styker has a variety of avalable armorments including : A .50caliber M2 Browning HMG on a RWS, a 40mm Mk.19 Grenade Launcher RWS, BGM-71 TOW Missiles, or a 105mm cannon with a M2 Browning.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame the Stryker appears being used by the US Army faction. It features decent armor and can get out of trouble as fast as it gets into it. The Stryker starts off armed with a M2 Browning machinegun, which is powerful against infantry, light vehicles, and some aircraft, but can be upgraded with a Mk.19 which does more damage, or a 105mm cannon with the Browning or Mk.19 (depending on if you selected the Mk.19 upgrade previously). It can also be upgraded with cage-type armor to lessen damage from Rockets and light tank shells. It can also be upgraded with an active defense system to stop incoming missiles/rockets.

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