The RGN is an offensive-type hand grenade used by/produced in the Russian Federation.

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame the RGN is issued to all of the avalable Russian Kits, coming with two to four of them (the number of carried grenades can be increased by rank, up to six grenades can be carried.) The RGN has both impact and time delay functions, the impact fuze arms after 1.5 seconds, although if the grenade strikes an object after this time, it will detonate. If the grenade has not struck anything after four seconds, the grenade will detonate. The RGN has an effective killing range of 15 feet, although those within 25 feet can still be injured by the fragments.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame several of the Russian units will randomly throw grenades at enemy forces (particularly at vehicles, structures, and garrisoned units.)

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