The QBZ-95 is an assault rifle produced in China.

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame the QBZ-95 is the standard weapon for the Chinese People's Liberation Army's Assault

The QBZ-95 Rifle with no attachments.

kit. The QBZ-95 features an average rate of fire with 650 rounds per minute, although with rapid fire it becomes 800 rounds per minute. The QBZ-95 features average damage of 55-40. It can be modified with everything from optics, a foregrip, suppressors, muzzle break, different barrels and rounds avalable, along with other attachments.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame the QBZ-95 appears as the standard weapon of the Chinese faction's Rifleman Squad infantry unit. The rifles can be upgraded with a scope for increased attack range, AP rounds for extra damage, and a grenade launcher for a special ability which is powerful against buildings and light/medium vehicles.

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