The Muhjadeen are the H.I.E.'s most basic infantry unit.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame the Muhjadeen are the basic and cheepest Tier-1 Infantry unit of the H.I.E. factions. They appear in a large squad of a dozen, and use basic equiptment such as BDUs, a camo jacket, and load bearing vest. They also wear turbans, but can be upgraded to wear helmets and even gasmasks. The squad consist of riflemen and a support-gunner by default, but can be upgraded with others.

Upgrades Edit

  • Body armor - Equipts the fighters with a lighter bullet proof vest and a tactical M56 helmet adding armor the unit.
  • Grenade Launchers - Adds GP-25 grenade launchers to several of the AK-rifles.
  • Holy Commander - Adds an religious officer who boost the squads stats, while adding firepower from his AKS-74U carbine.
  • Holy Warriers - Adds two more riflemen to the squad.

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