The Mi-28 Havoc is an attack helicopter produced in the Russian Federation.
Mi-28 Havoc 1

A Russian Mi-28 Havoc with actic camoflage.

Overview Edit

The Havoc attack helicopter appears ingame being used by the Russian, Venezuelan, and North Korean militaries, along with the UMEF Spec-Ops on two engagements. The Mi-28 is a fairly fast helicopter, having more lift than the AH-64D Apache, but being slower moving than the KA-52 or the AH-64 Apachee. The Mi-28 is a well armored helicopter, being impervious to small arms fire. The pilot is armed with missile pods, and unguided anti-tank missiles. The co-pilot is armed with the 30mm autocannon, TV guided missiles and can also designate targets for the pilot. With the "extra armorment" upgrade, he co-pilot can also use heat-seaking anti-aircraft missiles.
Mi-28 Havoc

A Russian Mi-28 Havoc with woodland camoflage.