The BMP-2 is a tracked IFV produced in the Soviet Union/Russian Federation.

A woodland camoflaged BMP-2

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame the BMP-2 appears as an amphibious armored vehicle. It is fairly manuverable and is cabable of medium speeds. it features decent armor, but is still fairly easy to destroy. The BMP-2 can carry six passengers, along with the commander, gunner, and a driver. The BMP-2 has several varients including:

  • BMP-2 - Regular varient armed with a 30mm 2A42 Autocannon, a co-axil PKT, and a AT-5 ATGM. It features less armor when compared to the other varients. Is fully amphibious.
  • BMP-2D - Same armorment as other varients, but fitted with more armor and has mine clearing system, granting imunity to AT mines. Is no longer amphibious.
  • BMP-2M - Almost the same armorment as before, except the AT-5 has been replaced by an AT-14 Kornet, and it features a roof mouted Kord HMG. It also feature extra armor, and is still amphibious. It also features a new HUD. Used exclusivly by the Russian Military.
  • BMP-2M AT - Similar to previous BMP-2M, but has a 2+2 system for the Kornets, and the Kord is replaced by a 30mm AGS-17D grenade launcher.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame the BMP-2 appears being used by the Russian Army and Spetsnaz, along with Cuba and Korea, and the various U.M.E.F. factions. It features a 30mm Autocannon as its primary armorment, along with a 7.62x54mm MG and an ATGM. It can be upgraded with a 30mm roof mounted grenade launcher/12.7mm HMG combo, ERA, a mine clearence system, and quad ATGM launchers. it can garrison one squad of infantry, and is powerful verses infantry, light vehicles, and helicopters, and can also engage medium vehicles, but will be destoyed by most tanks.