The BMD-3 AA is an infantry fighting vehicle produced in the Russian Federation. It is a modified version of the

An arctic camoflage BMD-3 AA.

BMD-3. It serves the role of a mobile anti-aircraft battery, as its main turret is replaced by a ZU-23-2.

Modern Combat Edit

The BMD-3 AA appears ingame as the VDV faction's main SPAAG. It is armed with a 23mm ZU-23-2 AA-Gun for the gunner, along with a 30mm AGS-17 bow mounted for the driver, and a bow mounted RPK-74 for the passenger. It also features two AKS-74 Rifles mounted in the sides of the vehicle in firing ports. It can carry four passengers in the rear, one in the front, and the driver and gunner. It is also an amphibious vehicle.

Global Conquest Edit

Ingame the BMD-3 AA appears being avalable to the Russian Military's subfaction, the VDV. It appears armed the ame as in Modern Combat and can garrison one squad of infantry. It appears to be amphibious ingame and is powerful verses aircraft.

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