The BMD-2 is an amphibious Russian airborne IFV.

Modern Combat Edit

Ingame the BMD-2 appears being used by the Russian VDV on multiple engagements, along with occasional usage from H.I.E. Spec-ops and North Korean SOF forces. it is armed with a 30mm 2A42 Autocannon, an AT-5 and a co-axil PKT for the gunner, a PKT for the driver and it mounts a NSV ontop of the turret for the commander. It can carry five pasengers in the back, two of wich can use AKS-74 rifles through the firing ports.

Nations at War Edit

Ingame the BMD-2 appears being used by the Soviet Aiborne faction. It is armed with an autocannon, an AT-missile, and two machineguns. It features somewhat light armor and is capable of crossing rivers and certain water areas. It can be garrisoned with infantry.

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