The AH-1Z Viper is an attack helicopter that is opperated by the Marine Corps of the United States of America.

AH-1Z Viper

The AH-1Z with its grey desert\arctic camoflage.

The AH-1Z is a fast and manuverable helicopter, fitted with a fair ammount of armor. The Viper is heavily armed, with the pilot opperating the Hydra 70 riocket pods with 14 missiles before reloading. The pilot also has by default the ability to use unguided AT missiles or guided air-to-air missiles, along with having the ability to deploy flairs. The gunner opperates the 20mm M197 Gattling gun that can fire 25 high explosive rounds in a ripid succession before reloading. The gunner can also opperate TV guided missiles that are devestating against enemy armor. The AH-1Z appears ingame being opperated by the USMC,the JSTF, and the Canadian Military.